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1. General Info

1.1 What is the current status?

The initial ELF toolchain has been completed, and some of the initial assembly code and include files have been written. The current holy grail is the bash prompt :-). The other biggest part to this project which hasn't been started yet is getting glibc going.

1.2 What do I need to help?

A VAX, an i386 Linux box, a terminal or terminal emulator and a network or shared SCSI disk.

We currently know that we boot on the following VAXen:

We have, in the past, booted the following:

In theory, you should be able to cross compile anywhere you can run GCC, GNU make, GNU binutils and regular Unix shell and text utils. However, we only know of people cross-compiling on Linux/i386. Let us know if you get it working on another combination.

We don't yet support any graphics hardware on these VAXen, so you'll need some sort of serial terminal (or terminal emulator) to boot the VAX. Most newer (post-1986-ish) VAXen have DEC MMJ (modified modular jack) connectors. Older one will have either standard 25-pin RS232 connectors or DEC's 9-pin RS232 (different from IBM's 9-pin RS232 as used on the PC). See the OpenVMS FAQ for details of pinouts.

In order to get the kernel image over to the VAX in order to boot it, you've got two options: MOP or SCSI.

1.3 Who's doing what?

1.4 How do I get started?

Read Documentation/vax/README at This describes howto download the compiler and kernel, and set up the MOP boot.

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